About Us

The Kissoon Group of Companies is a distinct and prestigious conglomerate with a long history of operations in Guyana. This Group is a foremost example of astute business diversification, foresight and long-term strategic planning. The Group also encompasses corporate activities which embraces several developmental projects in various sectors of the Guyanese economy.

The Kissoon Group of Companies comprises of the following:

  • Modern Industries Limited
  • Abary Cattle Ranch Company Limited

Modern Industries Limited

A Guyanese Business for Guyanese People

Modern Industries Limited, better known to the Guyanese public as Kissoon’s has been in operation since the early 1960’s. The company employs over one hundred and fifty men and women, many of whom have over ten years of service. One part of the factory produces a wide variety of wooden and upholstered furniture for both home and office. The other is a foam plant that manufactures various densities of polyurethane foam which is in turn used to make mattresses, pillows and other soft furnishings. Some of it is also used in the making of the upholstered goods, and the remaining portion is sold to other merchants and manufacturers throughout the country. Modern Industries Limited also has several large warehouses in the same Ruimveldt Industrial Area which provide excellent commercial space for rental.

Our years of experience and a layout of over 200,000 square feet of furniture and foam manufacturing and showroom space, along with five outlets around the country, make Kissoon’s s “ONE-STOP-SHOP” for everyone’s home and office needs. We have also included a whole line of floor coverings such as commercial grade carpets, rugs and vinyl. Constantly upgrading our facilities has allowed us to maintain high standards, while keeping our costs down. This allows our customers to save while still enjoying a premium product.

Abary Cattle Ranch Company Limited

The Abary Cattle Ranch Company Limited is located on the right bank of the Abary River and stretches towards the Berbice River to the east.  It is located twenty five miles inland of the Atlantic Ocean.  It occupies an area of fifteen thousand acres, and is engaged in cattle rearing, rice cultivation and small homestead farming with workers living on the ranch.  The herd count at last round-up was in excess of 3000, thus making it one of the largest cattle ranches on the Coast.

The main objective is beef production, even though a small milking herd is maintained.  Cattle is shipped to the Georgetown Municipal Abattoir throughout the year.  In order to maintain an optimum herd and reduce the incidence of in-breeding, we follow strict breeding practices and record keeping.  In addition to this, much emphasis is placed on improved pastures and rotational grazing.  Since the ban was removed on foot and mouth disease earlier, we are currently improving the present facilities to meet export market standards.